Clover Mobile Wallet


Clover Mobile Wallet is a mobile app, which helps users to manage assets of the Polkadot ecosystem and do the transaction, available on both Android and iOS platforms. Also, it allows users to access private keys and signing transactions easily.


Clover Mobile Wallet supports secure account Management for substrate-based-blockchains, such as Polkadot and Clover. And users could import accounts by Mnemonics, Raw Seed and Keystore. Encrypt type Sr/Ed25519 is supported. Clover Tokens transfer/loan/swap/liquid is supported and Polkadot Token could be transferred too. Also, in Clover Mobile Wallet users could change wallet password, name, language and account prefix.



Clover Mobile Wallet helps users to connect to the dapps world conveniently, there will be hundreds of dapps in the wallet. Clover Mobile Wallet is not only a wallet, but an entry to the blockchain ecosystem.


Clover Mobile Wallet is developed based on the flutter framework, which could develop applications for Android and iOS. And Polkadot/api is injected into webview as javascript extension for web page and native app features.
Last modified 9mo ago