Clover Assets Explorer
one-stop assets management


Clover Assets Explorer is an one-stop assets management tool based on a data dashboard that helps users to track their DeFi assets, compare DeFi rates, manage DeFi assets, find DeFi projects, and analyze DeFi risks.
Users can easily get access to it through both Clover browser extension wallet and mobile wallet, where they can save a lot of time and discover investment opportunities with detailed real-time data.


Users can overview their total assets value, total debts value and Net worth. Data are also demonsted in diagram. Assets distribution diagram shows proportion of assets and liabilities value. Assets trend diagram shows assets and dets value changes over time. Daily profit and loss diagram shows today's profit of each asset in wallet.
Users can find the DeFi projects they are interested in in the DeFi project list, find all kinds of DeFi project information and resources, and make investment appraisal based on the mortgage, long and short position of each DeFi platform.
Last modified 9mo ago
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