Query Balance

This section shows how to connect to Clover mainnet and query the account balance


Install @polkadot/api, the suggested version is ^4.4.1 (equal or above 4.4.1)

Sample code

const API = require("@polkadot/api")
async function getBalance(address) {
const wsProvider = new API.WsProvider('wss://api-ivy.clover.finance');
const api = await API.ApiPromise.create({
provider: wsProvider,
types: {
Amount: 'i128',
Keys: 'SessionKeys4',
AmountOf: 'Amount',
Balance: 'u128',
Rate: 'FixedU128',
Ratio: 'FixedU128',
EcdsaSignature: '[u8; 65]',
EvmAddress: 'H160',
EthereumTxHash: 'H256'
const { parentHash } = await api.rpc.chain.getHeader();
const {
data: { free: balance },
} = await api.query.system.account.at(parentHash, address);
return balance.toString();

Furthermore you may use formatBalance from @polkadot/util to format the display