Clover EVM
Clover EVM is based on Frontier, but we make a lot of changes to support Clover features. Please see the following details.

New Gas Estimation Feature

Clover EVM is based on Frontier, we find that the gas fee estimation under some cases may fail, such as nested smart contract call. Clover provides a binary search based solution to solve the problem. Please find the details here:
Fixes #251 better way for dynamic gas estimation by werlandy · Pull Request #252 · paritytech/frontier

New EVM Economic Incentives

In order to make developer easily do the development on Clover. Clover EVM support a new economic incentives. The smart contract owner will receive partial of the transaction fee once their contracts are called. Details are:
    Up to 40% of the transaction fee will be sent to the smart contract owner.
    Up to 60% of the transaction fee will be sent to the miner.

Other EVM Configurations

Clover change the create_contract_limit from 0x6000 to 0xc000, try to reduce the chances that smart contract deployer has to split their big contract for deployment.
Last modified 8mo ago