TestNet (Iris)
This section shows how to connect to Clover TestNet using MetaMask or Remix

Clover Test Net

Please refer to the following details for Clover TestNet:
  • Network Name: Clover TestNet
  • RPC URL:
    • https://rpc.clover.finance
    • https://rpc-2.clover.finance
    • https://rpc-3.clover.finance
  • Web Socket URL:
    • wss://api.clover.finance
    • wss://api-2.clover.finance
    • wss://api-3.clover.finance
  • ChainID: 1023
  • Symbol (Optional): CLV
For a full list of clover networks please check out the Clover Network List page.

Using MetaMask for TestNet

In MetaMask, navigate to Settings -> Networks -> Add Network and fill in the above details:
Then the MetaMask can connect to Clover TestNet. You can apply CLV for test via the faucet https://faucet-iris.clover.finance/

Using Remix for Test Net

Make sure your MetaMask is connected to CloverTestNet as described above. The screen shot is as follows:

Connect to Clover TestNet

If you want to set up a local node, which can connect to Clover TestNet, please use the following command to start your local node:
./target/release/clover --chain specs/clover-preview-iris.json --port 30333 --ws-port 9944 --rpc-port 9933 --name myNode --rpc-cors=all --rpc-methods=Unsafe --validator --unsafe-ws-external --unsafe-rpc-external
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