CLV Token

What is CLV?

CLV is the native token of the platform, and is used for staking to take part in network consensus, transaction fees, platform rewards, and network governance.
  • Opt-in Fees: Pay gas fee in CLV, or have the option to pay with any network token.
  • Governance: Lock CLV to elect council members and guide the development through on-chain governance.
  • Validation: Stake CLV to validate the network with your validator infrastructure.
  • Treasury: Get your projects funded from the treasury.
  • Nomination: Stake CLV to nominate your own node validator using a single-click deployment.
  • Deployment: Use CLV to deploy your smart contracts and dApps on Clover.

Token Info

  • CLV ERC-20: 0x80C62FE4487E1351b47Ba49809EBD60ED085bf52
  • CLV BEP-20: 0x09E889BB4D5b474f561db0491C38702F367A4e4d
Block Explorer

How to store CLV?

Clover App Wallet
Clover Extension Wallet

How to trade CLV?

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